This project aims to make maryland Ave, NE, washington, dc, safer for pedestrians, bikes, and cars by implementing a series of changes to the design and operation of the corridor from stanton park to benning road TO RESTORE IT AS A NEIGHBORHOOD STREET.


The Maryland Avenue Safety Project started in 2010 when the DC City Council set aside funding for the 2009 DDOT Pedestrian Master Plan, which contained a specific goal to make Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, DC, a safer and more livable street for all who use it -- by improving pedestrian safety and calming traffic.
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The Facts



It's important to understand the essence of what this project is all about and why some of the details are the way they are.
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Comprehensive technical data review, analysis and reporting -- on current and future traffic patterns, safety issues and impacts; and environmental impact -- have been a part of the Maryland Avenue Safety Project over the lifespan of the project. 
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Community Support

In December 2016, over 400 residents signed a letter to Mayor thanking her and DDOT for supporting the Maryland Avenue Safety Project and continuing to move forward with the planned changes. Over 90 percent of those residents live in zip codes 20002 or 20003.